Chinese farmer built his own model of an aeroplane after he realised he would never be able to fly an aircraft. Zhu Yue managed to build the lifesize replica of an Airbus A320 – with a little help from his friends – over two years. The plane is currently on the verge of being completed and sits on a pavement in the Liaoning city, says a report by Shanghaiist.

Zhu, who didn’t finish middle school, started out farming onions and garlic, before becoming a welder in a factory, the report added. With some help from five other aircraft enthusiasts, he managed to create the huge replica. However, he is not sure if he will make it airworthy, instead, he wanted to turn it as a diner.

“The plane’s latest additions are a self-made cockpit outfitted with replica flight instruments and a stair car for getting aboard,” reported news agency AFP.

While an actual Airbus A320 has 156 seats, Zhu’s version has just 36 seats. But unlike the Airbus aircraft, his model has no economy class and only has ‘first class’ seats.

“We will put down a red carpet so every person who comes to eat will feel like a head of state,” Zhu told the news agency.

Although he is not sure about the menu, he says that he is open to everything.

He spent his savings and took the help of five other enthusiasts, and the total cost of the aeroplane is 2 million Chinese money.