Sunny Leone is one of the busiest actresses on the town and this year, she will be making waves in South India with her movie Veeramadevi and Rangeela. The self-made diva recently opened up about how she never had a mentor in Bollywood.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times:

“I don’t have a lot of people guiding me. What I found in the industry is that there is a lot of ‘yes ma’am’. People tell you that this will be a great opportunity, but then, if it does not happen, then everybody goes like ‘I told you not to do it and it was wrong.’ People do a lot of that here”, said the actress.

“I have learnt from everything I have done and the choices that I have made, and holy moly, I am really happy with the pace of my career. I am working non-stop, and I am booked for the entire year, just like I was in the previous years,” says Sunny.