There was a lot of rumours, denials and controversy about the movie Sarkar. Everything started when Varun Rajendran an aspiring moviemaker moved to Madras High court, complained that the story of Sarkar is something similar to his story ‘Sengol’ which he registered with the writers association almost a decade back. The court ordered Writers association president K. Bhagyaraj to look into it and revert back on 31st October. Bhagyaraj read both the scripts and revealed that both the movies are almost same. After the controversy spiced up, the director Murugadoss and Varun appeared before the court.

Murugadoss posted a video where he said that the story has no link to ‘Sengol’ and in order to boost the confidence of Varun, everyone decided to put an appreciation card for him.

When one thought the issue has solved, and when we are all gearing up for Diwali Kondattam, it is now said that president Bhagayaraj has resigned from his post.